F- yeah gas prices

I was woke up at 4 in the morning by a drunken Derrick Girard, and an Englishman by the name of Ross Tanner who showed up extra late to Ithaca for a Shitluck trip coming up soon. Derrick then sept on my porch till it rained on him, when at that point he came in and just wandered around my 1 room apartment laughing, in a daze. I later drove to Binghamton to FBM, and saw that gas had risen almost a dollar a gallon in a day, and then saw some Grafitti on a building. Big Dave has been so busy making the new FBM’s, that he started doing Graffiti as a creative outlet, only he thought he was still at work, and labeling the parts shelves. At any rate, some of the smaple 2006 frames are done, and the guys in the machine shop have done an AMAZING job, so be on the lookout, these suckers are going to be hott! with 2 t’s. If you want to see picture of me cooking chili check Ridebmx. It was good and fed many hungry BMXers in Portland. I don’t know what the relevance is, but who cares, I’m a Soup Gangster, from the Ladle to the Grave. In other News, Shanton is in New Hampshire doing shows with whitesnake, and Tom Rokus’ glove, and Cameron Wood is in UTAH, being one of the coolest kids I know. He is awesome. Have a good weekend ya’ll!

Originally Posted by Stephen Crandall