Virtual BMX Awesomeness!

Mickey with a sweet Pocket Table at the Bike Lot. Watch out for Hot Pockets!

Mickey Marshal is Nice Guy. He’s also a thorn in Coplon’s ass, cuz he rides off roof’s, and jumps huge wallrides to flat. He is currently off his texas tent stint, and I believe he is staying indoors for the time being in Baton Rouge Louisiana.
Our Buddies at Credence have some cool t-shirts, you can pick up at Dans and through Last Call.
Kie Ashworth, the coolest thing to come out of Australia since Mad Max, has been working, riding bikes, and generally being a sweet dude! Heres a Youtube special-

Back in Baton Rouge Kie Ashworth, new all street photo. Kie.... Credence shirts available through Last Call... Locals Only, bring some water wings....

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