Via Santa Cruz

Yo, whats up in Sasquatch Canyon?
We caught up with FBM newbie- jackson Allen, although he has been a Long time supporter, Via the interwebs, for a few pics and an update, here’s whats new in Santa cruz-

Whats the winter season like in the Santa Cruz region of California?
Well, it’s been pretty ridiculously nice lately. Actually too nice. We need some more rain to finish some improvements at the trails. But…70 degree weather in January is nothing to really complain about.

Whats the best part about drinking beer?
The barley and hops make you bunnyhop higher. I’m pretty sure that is why they are called hops.

Whats more satisfying, digging or riding trails?
Riding trails is more exciting but there are days when I would rather be digging than riding too. In the end, you can’t separate the two, there is nothing more satisfying than riding something you have built with your friends. To me, BMX feels best when you sink a little love and hard work into the stuff you ride.

Can you name 3 legends from your scene/ area and explain them briefly?
Joey Garcia. Not a lot of explanation neccesary here. Slays everything. Buttery smooth. Timeless bmx style without ego. Along with Nyquist, he put Northern/Central California on the map and is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Eric Zelner. Eric runs the property where our trails are. He just had a baby girl and manages a business, family, dogs and a million projects and still manages to ride and do the stuff that makes him happy. Gives me hope for my future. Unknown legend in his time.

Crazy Chris Chriswell. Chris is literally descended from a legendary race of giant Central California polar bears and is someone you will not forget. He has been one of the main locomotives in the bmx scene here for years, throwing jams and doing big things. The only thing bigger than his heart is his beard and he will tell more stories in one afternoon than most people will live out in their whole lives. If you ride bmx and don’t know chris…you will eventually.

Are you stoked?
Johnny Utah Stoked!

Dogs Love FBM!

Frontyard gold.


Yo - Lemme getta pair of double fisters!

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