Tom Blyth- Barcelona

Tom Blyth - Barcelona pics by Adam Blyth

Tom Blyth is on travel mode, Curently in Spain and heading to the United States shortly, we caught up with him for a few questions, and a couple of photos from his journey!

Where did you go on your most recent trip?
I’m in Barcelona right now! I’m leaving tomorrow though.

What were some of the highlights?
Just getting to travel with my brother and the Hull locals, I never get chance to go away with any of them.

How many countries have you traveled to this past year? any favorites?
This year I’ve visited Morocco, The USA, Iceland and I’m currently in Spain. They’ve all been awesome trips but all for different reasons. Hanging out with everyone in the States this year was awesome, Morocco and Iceland were both like no where else I’d ever been before and Barcelona has been awesome to ride and hang out with some old friends.

what’s your next adventure?
I’ll be in the USA again by mid February for Megatour and to hang out and film some after!

are you stoked?
Of course!

Tom Blyth, Pentagreen

From port to port.