Utah Baby…

Matt Berringer called about a month or so ago, and invited us to BBQ at his place after interbike, he built some new ramps, a new deck, and a shitload of people showed up. After the hassle and hustle in Vegas, it was a welcomed notion, chillin, grillin, riding bikes, and just having fun. Captain Fun unfortunately dislocated his shoulder, and a few people went down, but overall its been a super good time. Watching Cameron Wood, Tony Cardona, and Tony Hamlin riding with the likes of Corey Bohan, Dave Dilleward,Fuzzy, Heath Pinter, Rob Wise, Randy Brown, and many more, was a serious treat. People were riding off roofs, BF was riding off and then back on, the whole day was nuts, especially AJ, Arian Vigil, and the Colorado kids. Odyssey Guys are in town filming, and Chad Shack threw Tony C. off the shed roof, real nice. At any rate, John Lee and Hancock drove all the way to Minersville, to take a look around, they said it was depressing, so give john a holla at Last Call, and cheer him up. Swath Parties are in full effect.

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