After the Vegas Shitstorm…

I never even really gave much of a report on Vegas, since we Bee-lined it for Utah right after the show… But i’ll give you a brief rundown. BMX is filled with shitty people, and when you get a bunch of them in a shithole like Vegas, it will eat your soul. Tony C.’s van shit the bed when we got there, which cost a fortune, but we lucked out, because there are also some not so shady people in BMX, and alot of them helped us out. The guys at QBP, bless those little shits, gave us some product to sell, and a lot of people made donations, to help get the van out of the garage, so THANKS, to everyone that pitched in. Read BMX Business News for any other news about the Show, but be careful around James Ayres, I’ve heard stories about that guy, and Ryan Fudger, be careful next time he asks you to present a NORA Award, and make sure your clothes are Ironed, because a wrinkled shirt is the first indication ofa persons character. It seemed like most of the presenters wanted to receive the awards, rather than present them, and I have no idea what Allister Whitton was doing onstage…. Anyhow, Matt Berringer is the antithesis to Vegas, Lighthearted, decent and Fun, I love that guy, as well as all the Utah riders, thanks to all of them for showing us a good time, here are some pics from yesterday at Cam’s trails, enjoy.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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