Mickey with a sweet Can can at the Bike lot

Impromptu Venues with ramps in the summer heat are kick butt. The bike Lot in Richmond, not unlike the t1 ramp in Austin, is in an eclectic town, filled with cyclist of all kinds, it has a bowl, and sweet rock bands play in unlikely spaces on given nights. Monday, Torche and a few other bands played in a tight room filled with extra bike parts, tools, and minimal space, near the ramp, while dozens of people watched, and a good handful of shredders partied on the ramp. Good Scene, good times. 40 percent chance of rain held out, giving way to smiles, bike radness, and stoney riffs.

Wiggums, Evan V. sweet one hander.... Torche rocking hard. Bob Quill, Richmond BMX/Skate/photo- Artist Latanae of Re cycles fame, Vert wall toothpick to fakie More Lat Dawg! Pisspocket air from the vertwall, superchill style!

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