Tony Cardona joins road fools…

After some injuries early on in the trip, it was decided that we might need some reinforcements. Tony Cardona was in close proximity, so we gave him a call. Gary Young also showed up, and Dane Wild has been chillin with us too. Good Times. Ryan Sher has a good times mug that has a LED banner at the bottom. Pretty Dialed. After Chester got us kicked out of Ann Arbor, and earned himself the title of the “bad boy if road fools”, he unleashed an assault on the tranny walls in detroit, that was so fierce, the cops wouldnt shut him down. After he pulled a sick 2 story Ice Pick, the cop yells over his PA, “thats a wrap”. It was stunning. Lots of good riding as you would expect, and lotsa fun too…. more news later.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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