Cameron Wood wins awesome dude of the day award…

At FBM, Big Dave and the crew are welding the shit out of Bikes, and listening to DRI, while John Lee and Edog take shots at Jeff harington in the Kidneys in the Last Call Tuff Man Competetion. On the Road with FBM, the Kids are Killing it. Cameron Wood did a huge 360 last night, one of the biggest I’ve seen, and on the bad side of teh coin, Aaron Ross ate shit real bad and hurt his shoulder. He’s tuff, so he’ll be alright. I hope. Robbo’s crew is also Dialing the bajezzus out of Road Fools, and Mikey Aitken has me laughing non stop. Ratty lil chase won a hundred bucks playing dice last night, and thats the second nighjt of the trip he’s done that. Chester Blacksmith rules. He did a seatgrab Can can footplant ona sub rail. Stoked. While sleeping last night, Catfish lured a real live crackhead into the hotel room, and shoved her on top of me and Will Love, that was a first, OPC’d with a crackhead. I almost freaked out. Awesome. Kelly Baker is Back in Ny, and his 3 year old son started riding, so he is stoked, he also likes to shoot people with roman candles. More news later….

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