Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Removable brake mounts are going to make completes easier to stock for dealers.

Our V2 Executioner and Heathens are showing up tomorrow bright and early. Not 100% stoked to unload the containers, but beyond glad they didn’t get hijacked by teenage Somali pirates. Schwinn once had a long awaited and highly anticipated container of re-issue Sting Rays fall off the side of the ship and sink to the bottom of the ocean, oh, the irony.

Here are the links to the specs:

Black Executioner

Rally Green Executioner

Flat Electric Blue Heathen

White Heathen

If you are a shop, give us a call, if you are a rider, give your shop a call. Win-win situation for everyone.

Nicely packaged, economically priced. These things will be stacked full of bikes tomorrow. Another custom coming together, this one for Jake Kaech. John Lees' JumpOff2 built up. More out of the ordinary custom stuff going on out back. The vintage bike collection is growing around here on what seems like a daily basis. This thing is cool as ice.

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