Tom Blyth heads across the pond.

Kenny, Tom, Latane, the guy, and a green Limo!

Tom Left to head back to the UK after a lengthy stay, and fistful of adventures, stateside,
It was a great time, We traveled far and wide in search of Derrick Girard Animal Chin, and we may have spotted him. We spent the last few days driving around in a Green Limousine, shooting photos, and video, and ended his visit with an old fashioned BMX bash at the art kitchen.
A lot of cool shit went down while Tom was visiting, shouts to 4 Down for help making it a reality.
This is what Tom had to say this morning…- “Just arrived in Manchester dude, flight was a breeze. Thanks again for everything, I only just realised how much fun I was having! ”
Let’s get awesome!

Limo Driver, Evan V. a professional escort to photo shoots!

Party For Tom at The Art Kitchen...

Bad Christian

Zac Costa, DAve Mingee, Kenny, and Aaron Warren

Hollady and Gerald


Cran, Tom, and a shitty Tibbs


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