Short haired wig

Here is an uploaded section from Joe Cox’s Voices video from a few years ago, in which Long Haired Byth decides to wear an emo wig, and proceed to get rad as shit! Wallride lookback 180 is cool as hell!


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Tom Blyth heads across the pond.

Tom Left to head back to the UK after a lengthy stay, and fistful of adventures, stateside,
It was a great time, We traveled far and wide in search of Derrick Girard Animal Chin, and we may have spotted him. We spent the last few days driving around in a…

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The de- education of Tom Blyth

Tom Blyth is a University educated Englishman, who has spent the last 2 months in America, unlearning his refinements, and taking a crash course in the arts of partying and living hard.
The Fids, UK legend, and all around badass, flew in to the States, to give Tom Blyth some…

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