The more things change…

The King of the apes, KB shot by Hallman!

The fundamentals in BMX have stayed pretty consistent over the years, even with
the progression of bicycle parts, and stunt variations, some of the most important elements remain a constant, Style and character! Dudes like Kelly Baker, and the timelessness and simplicity of motocross inspired goodtimes last through the ages. Check the Catty woods gallery on ESPN to see more!
Its Been said that Endurance, tenacity and character often outlives the most skilled, talented and brightest shining stars of today, and to be great you need to outlast the fads, trends, and the johnny comelately’s during the goldrush. Kelly Baker personifies this notion, and in my opinion is one of the greats in BMX, alongside some of the most obvious legends. I dare say this because he’s my friend, but I’ve also seen this guy chug a beer while riding down a mountainside blasting a dirt jump!
long Live the awesomeness of BMX!

Dave King- shot by Mister B Friends, bikes, and more...

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The more things change…

Mike Tag, 90's Ride Mag centerfold. F Yes!

It was sometime in 1998, if I’m not mistaken, we took our preliminary FBM Angel of death CAD drawings to Spooky Cycles in Brewster Ny, Where a Young Dave Harrison was welding bikes under Frank the welder, with wild Sideburns and maybe even Blue Hair. The Cad drawing was closer to a sketch on a napkin from Danny’s Diner, but none the less, after some trial and tribulations, our first bikes became a reality.
This past week I was going through some archived Magazine articles dating back to around 96. I found the first ever Bike check we had, and plenty more. A Mike Tag interview, with him doing a man size ledge, years before Street became the establishment. I also came across Images and articles of plenty of dudes who walked through the hallways of FBM’s history, One of the biggest standouts, Ralph Sinisi, (current interview up on Vital). Ralph along with many others, brought their original flavor on board, and helped create what we are today. Now Ralph is navigating one of the most revered Entities in BMX history, and still supporting FBM. Thanks Ralph.
In looking back, it’s hard to believe what we’ve accomplished, as a group of ne’er do wells, from a gritty past, with rarely more in common than a genuine passion for bicycles, and it’s underground culture. all sentiment aside, I jut want to say thanks to BMX, and all the people who have ever smiled or laughed along the way with FBM.
It’s been at least 15 years since the first FBM logo made its way from a xerox machine to a home made screen printing kit, and onto a shirt Mike Tag went riding in…and now all this….

Heck ya!

FBM's first bike check circa 98ish... 10 years later....Stoked on BMX! Ralph Sinisi Ralphs favorite welder, Big Dave, from the days of Transworld BMX. Ace Joe Hanson, former FBM polishing room grom. Hanson pic... Old Cranpa.

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