First Styx, and now Grindcore, the raccoons have had enough.

Just when we thought we’d rounded the curve and headed to a land of bliss sans headaches everyday, the raccoons attack. The landlords had mentioned the racoon problem as we were moving in, but until now, they’ve been keeping a low-pro.

Recently they’ve started to invade our space, namely the food supply, ravaging bread bags, dumping garbage cans over and causing havoc. I think it’s because Joby has been here long enough to start sliding his music into the warehouse rotation. Very little of the existing rotation could be considered good to begin with, adding Grindcore in my opinion has pissed off the raccoons. They are simply rebelling against shitty music. Just a theory.

Great weather and rabid raccoons screwing with the dudes out back, swell week in my book.

These guys have it in for the Corts' Bros. Dave's music choices aren't heinous like the kids, but he's guilty by association. What's worse that listening to Grindcore while you're folding t-shirts? Something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, lunch with ICP. We did a pretty good job of ignoring them. The summer of shirts continues. The most hated graphic designer on the Internet Adam Roye came to Bigglestown for a vacation that ended short after a terrible dolly accident cost him a foot. Here he is pouting about it on top of this Empire order.

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