The ergonomics of Radical

This is Mike, he is Kickass!

Jackson Alien and his spaced out crew in Santa Carla are badass! Way Badass! As a gift they all rallied together and hooked up their Buddy Mike. Last Time I saw him, he was eating quart of pro and cheese! Raw Style!

A little info from Jax:

Mike’s a mechanical dude and he loves all things two wheels but his bike had turned into a pile of shit over the last year. 13 of us chipped in some beer money and bought Mike a brand new Steadfast, custom with the Bellwitch Left Hand Path Black paint. The Picture of him at the fire is about an hour before we gave it to him. He was touched to say the least. Told us he was gonna beat us all up for trying to make a grown man cry. He loves the bike and it looks like it loves him. Old dudes doing weird shit. And turndowns.