Some Words from Mike Tag’s Family

Jimmy And Judy Tagliavento

There have been many great words posted online, and shared since the passing of Mike Tag, these are from Judy, Mike’s Mom, on behalf of the Tagliavento family, great people…

Mike Tag’s family wishes to say thank you to all the awesome people who offered, their thoughts, prayers, stories, kindness, love and support over the last year…There are so many people to thank and you all are in our hearts and will be for ever…with out every one of you we would not have made it through…thank you Steve for giving this forum to say this…
Mike had his own unique perspective on life and how he wanted to live it…I believe that in his 37 years he did that…he chose the path and lived it to the end…hopefully…he’s some where enjoying all the things he loved…bikes, pool, golf and more…
As Parents and Sister looking back…he was our son and brother….listening to all the stories sent and told to us by so many over the last year…we got to see another side of him….to us he always was and is very special and always will be…its heart warming and comforting to hear the impact he made in other peoples lives as well.
The ¼ pipe stands to show what a few strong minded boys could do to change their own lives…so,if you have a plan/dream go for it….life can be short…enjoy it all…don’t let it be taken from you!
The Tagliavento Family
Jim, Judy, and Marlene

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