That’s what it is…

Barspin on a new FBM Howler remix.

Its the eve of the Great Turkey Holiday Known in America as Thanksgiving. So happy holidays to all who are celebrating. At FBM John Lee and John Corts hit up some ramp time for lunch, here are a few impromptu shots. John Corts built up a new frame, a hybrid of sorts, to test out some new ideas for possible production. His new Bike is Dialed. Also in the FBM machine Shop, Mike Corts and Big Dave were dialing away, working on bikes and such, and listening to MC hammer at peak levels. Don’t Ask why. In unrelated Turkey day news, I once saw a naked Lou Bickle grab a frozen turkey out of his freezer, and launch it through a kitchen window, breaking the faucet in the process, sending a spray of water, or a geyser really, into the ceiling, and all over the kitchen. All while doing it for albert street. In Jimmy Levan news, He is slowly getting better, but will likely need to go to a rehab center, since it was such a serious injury, Unfortunately it looks like his insurance won’t cover it, and even a Charity, or low earning entry will still cost a TON,above whatever else isn’t covered, so Anything to help will be going to a good cause obviously. Peep Empire for more, and keep posted. thanks, and stay nice!

Two Friendly Johns on Green Bikes. John Lee toe Pick. Long Island style indoor lookdown by John Lee. John Corts, friendly nice guy invert! Lunch Break 1 footed tabletop. John Lee. John Lee again. Mikey Corts Demonizing some Chromoly steel! Big dave, Carefully eyeing up some Modifications... Corts' new baby.

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