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Have Fun Belt Buckles are now available, check with your favorite shop if you wanna pick one up…. Jamie Moore of Stowaway in Australia sent over these pics of FBM/Stowaway shredder,Kie Ashworth enjoying the opposite weather of the Northeastern united states. In addition to the Free chopper forks, and 07 frames on the FBM Online Store, we have added a “classics” section, for older frames that resurface. THis wee there is an old Nighttrain, and an outsider, brand new…. Oh snap. Hall and Oates, MC Hammer, they are rumored to be going on tour soon? According to Dig site, Jimmy Levan is awake, and heading towards recovery, STOKED! Pop on over to Empire to see what you can do to help. Now Playing- THe Black Lips “bad Kids”

Kie Ashworth...

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Have fun!

Kerry Sayre Left FBM A little over a year ago, and started his own Bike shop in Ohio, called Rise Above. They are having a 1 year anniversary party, I posted a flyer for, as well as one of the most outrageous, and awesome tattoos I have seen in a minute. Kerry is something else. Taking the hint from Kerry’s knuckles, some of rode bikes in the woods, and BBQ’d. I would post some street pics on here, but We’ve been riding trails since the weather started to get better, and team Major Air hasn’t sent me any pics Lately. While at the trails, Iwitnessed Kmart snoring inbetween a set, as he was KO’d. I was stunned. Kelly’s Sister inlaw- Shannon Baker, printed some T-shirts to raise money for the Skatepark in their hometown this weekend. Good to see some local support, we’ll keep you posted as that project develops. the Bicycle Film Festival is this weekend. We’ll be showing the Etnies video, “grounded”, having a bunnyhop Comp, doing some giveaways, including, cash, some FBM goodies, and a package from

Originally Posted by Steve crandall