Thanks… and so long buddy.

This is the Official press release that Aaron and FBM are parting ways for ’08 and that today is the opening day for the new Rambo movie….
I attached what Aaron and I had to say about the news….

So three years ago was the first time I ever talked to Crandall in my life. I was a scared little kid that wanted nothing more then to ride a bike and have some fun. I was nervous as hell on the phone and the big talk was all about if I would fit in on the team since I have never drank in my life. I did not know how well I would fit in and how road trips would go. Crandall talks to me for a while and told me all about the two Tony’s and how they were not drinkers and by the end of the phone call I was on FBM and ready to go.
So a few months later was Road Fools 14 and that was the first time I met Crandall and the rest was a blast. We had the best of times over seas and on road trips. I never had any idea bike riding would do what it has done, but I go outside ride like I am 12. I could not ever have pick a better team then FBM to get into this whole thing. We had the sweetest team with the two Tony’s , Cameron Wood, Derrick Girard and Tag. I was able to design shirt with glasses on them, a Saved by the Bell themed frame with some bright colors and loved it all.
Now FBM and I are going in different directions and we both are ready to accomplish new things. It has been one of the roughest months of the past few years because I have to move from a company that I have real friends, and not only Crandall, but Big Dave who makes the most kick ass bikes, John Lee who is the best person to talk too when calling up to the shop, John Paul who is just a funny guy, and Erbs who is a guy that has helped me out more then you can imagine.
It’s been a good time the last 3 years and I would not change one thing. I want to say that I came into this all with dudes I saw while I was growing up and I am leaving with these guys as some of my best friends. I love all the dudes at FBM and my family and I thank all of those guys for everything the last 3 years, letting me have some of the best times, and I wish everyone at FBM the best of luck.

Have fun everyday!


“I think it was the winter in 2005 while on a road trip through Texas. I was
visiting with Tom and Tina from Empire, and their first video was about to
be released. Tina had mentioned one of their riders might be a good person
to consider helping out. I saw a preview of the video, and was in shock as
this kid riding a blue PW Moto was doing shit I hadn’t seen before, and to
the upbeat tempo of some country music – “If you’re going to play Texas, you
got to have a fiddle in the band”. His name was Aaron Ross, and he walked to
the tune of a thrown bicycle with a loose hub guard.
Fast forward a few months and Aaron has gone from shop supported FBM flow
guy, to a rising star rookie pro. Cranking out amazing video parts, with a
line of Adam Roye inspired T-shirts and a pro model frame with outrageous
graphics and color ways.
The next couple of years ended up being a good time with Aaron growing as
a professional rider, filming for various sponsors and road trips, traveling
the world for various contests, and the like. This year all of the above
culminated into a whirlwind of X-games podium finishes, breakthrough video
parts, and a NORA win in Las Vegas.

With all of that, the offers started rolling in, to the point where FBM
couldn’t realistically provide Aaron the same things that another company
could potentially provide. Our relationship was good, but it was obvious
that more opportunity might exist by taking a different route. After a good
talk, it was agreed that Aaron should explore these other offers, and see
what’s out there for him. As a sponsor, our goal was to support Aaron the
best we could, and right now that includes letting go of an amazing rider,
so he can do what’s best for him.
The results from our Sponsor/rider relationship proved successful, and a
strong friendship remains, and I look forward to seeing what Aaron can
accomplish in his next chapter.

Thanks Aaron, and good luck

– Crandall/ FBM Bikes.”

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