Ride of the Longshoreman…

Kelly and Johhny doubles routine.

It was 20 degrees with snow on the ground, but the sun was out, so a session at the Binghamton park went down, with Kelly, Greco, and the Corts Bros. all dressed like dockworkers, and shredding left, right and center. Rumors of Street X Games doubles routines for 08 had the guys training thier synchronized lines, Big purses in the x games, could bring out some amazing street moves all done in unison this year. Last call distribution has the New Flat Black Howler frames in stock. Check with your local shop or mailorder on these badboys. In other news, cornbread and iced tea have taken the place of pills and 90 proof. Garret g and his brother, known as the gich bros. sent over this

Make an on-line slide show at www.OneTrueMedia.com. They are outrageous.More to come…

Howler's in stock! Johnny Corts hates sammy hagar. KB with a cold smith. Mike Corts- Longshoreman. JohnNy Corts Tailwhip... Mikey Corts switch hander- the next big thing. Corts Twins. Corts twins part2.

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