Texas, WTF?

I took a last (sorta) minute flight to Austin Saturday night, and It was Actually 15 degrees warmer in NY when I left. I started the trip, sitting next to two young men on the airplane, one of which was wearing a pink polo shirt with a popped collar, and was watching an episode of a Hulk Hogan reality TV show. That wasn’t wierd enough, so he pulled a small cage from under his seat, and a shitty little dog started barking, actually yelping. I was shocked. To top that off, the woman behind me had a cat in a box, come to find out, that was scared of the dog, and would not stop screech meowing. I woke up in Austin though, stoked, Got Breakfast with Aaron Ross, and went for a drive in his Global Warming Mobile, Upstate NY riders are stoked. Before 10:30, We were already at an abandoned Pool, and Corrigan, Joe Rich, Stew, and Wierd Mike were all killing it. Corrigan was blasting pocket airs, and dialing it right in. After that it was off to Cafe Mundi, when Ratty Shitty Adam calls my cell phone, and I answer it, while cruising down the street, and hit a pothole. I haven’t crashed that bad in 5 months, and the construction workers above on the scaffolding couldn’t have been happier, I was also stoked as I had just made their entire day that much better. I’ll be tagging along with Tony Hamlin, and the QBP crew on the roadtrip this week, expect soem random road updates,from Todd Johnson and Myself periodically. Word up.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall