I Love This Pic!

I shot this pic of Derrick Girard A little over a year ago, in the parking lof of the Sandy Park in Utah. He made some ramen noodles overa makeshift grill, he made using a homemade torch, putting his wheel over it, and setting the pot on the spokes, it was wierdly genious, As is Derrick. Any Rate, we were at the Van, and this little kid was hounding us for anything from stickers, to DVDs, to cookies, When He eyed up Derrick’s lunch, I snapped this shot just by chance. Stoked. If you have been wondering what Derrick’s been up to lately, here is a link Of A Video Trailer for a UK show called Vagabonz. He ended up In Eastern Europe, and Russia somehow with Leland, and some UK MTV crew. Its something else. That was the same trip where Derrick ended up in Berlin, losing his passport, and getting a job as a bartender, and winning 500 bucks at some contest, so he could get home. Expect more from derrick after winter ends, He is working alot right now in wake of that adventure. Our good friend Toast sent a pic of A baby alligator he caught in Florida, and atable top he did, the last time he was in Florida. Guav sent that pic, here is Guav Cranking a One Footer in Ithaca before the 90’s were even around. Jamie Moore from Stowaway, Our Distro in Australia, Visited us today, Making sure Erbs, and Big Dave are keeping everything in order. Chunk,the new warehouse guy, was so stunned to see Jamie, he unveiled 2 new colors of Stairmasters, Trans Black, and Neon Green. OH YEAH!

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