sorta an update

Driving around the bay area taking action landscape shots from a rental car is a new avant garde photo trnd in the art community. Or a skatchy way to be touristy with a digicam. Saw some cool shit, including more weirdos than you can shake a stick at. That does not exclude the Shitluck team either. Cameron Wood has been killing it with knee in a brace. Derek Girard hurt his ankle, Fisher has a box of New Era hats with him, and is riding well, I dont think he is injured, and he pulled his first 180 tailwhip during this trip. Heck Ya.. Tony Hamlin did a 720, and Billy got pissed at everyone, from what I can tell. Jamie Mcparland showed up, smoked cigarettes, drank coke, and roam for free wireless access. Our buddy Dave Mirra is now riding a 2006 Capone frame, He says it rides awesome, and that he is really stoked on how it feels. Cool. Will Stroud sent over a spy pic of him putting it together. Dave looks perplexed. He doesnt even have a tire on his back wheel. Maybe its the next big thing. At any rate, Dave is not sponsored by FBM, just riding a kick ass bike, till he gets his own deal rolling. We are stoked to have an Icon riding a bike of ours, MC Hammer is next.

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