Something Fishy (more vids)

King of the Apes, Kelly Baker, goes fishing with his hands. It must be spawning season, and some of you might not know, but Doug Guilliams Spawned a 3rd Ginch years ago, here’s the report from Adamguilliams-
“Me and my brother Zach went to some trails this weekend that we basically grew up riding. They’re not quite what they used to be but its still fun to visit on occasion. Some of the pictures are blurry because our camera isn’t top notch, but you work with what ya got.”
Some People weren’t satisfied with the fact that Joel has a particular taste in heavy tunes, and chose mastadon for his edit, so here’s a lighter version of the edit for softees, as well as an Etiket edit with Joel, Johnny Cort, Opie and More!

Ginch Bros!

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