Kelly Baker has been busy in Newark Valley raising a family and collecting wierd BMX stuff, as well as making wierd BMX stuff. We rode a tandem he made this afternoon, it was awesome. Phil Wasson started his machine shop, Super Rat, and has a site up, check it out and look at the new front load stem he is making for FBM. Dialed. Ryan Corrigan is at the Red Bull backyard buildoff in Cincinatti with Hallman and Kimler on his crew, they sound busy over there, hopefully they have some fun and win some cash. Fisher is riding a new FBM frame, and getting Gangsta on it already, I’ll post a pic of Tomorrow. Derrick Girard might be going to the Backyard Jam, if he doesn’t lose his marbles between now, then and more traffic violations than one man needs. Arata what? See ya’ll in Chicago this weekend, thurday night Chenga session?

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