Ratty Bird Eats chicken wing

While in Vegas, I saw a ratty old bird eating a chicken wing, It reminded me of Binghamton, so I shot this pic. Shawn Aratty is getting Hitched this weekend, Big Dave, Myself, and someof the FBM Crew will be out there, Some of us will be wearing Tuxedos, and some will be riding at the Westmont park, at Huy Doans Comp on Sunday. While in Vegas we were busy showing off the new product, but the new “apeshit” bars wouldn’t fit in the booth, Here is Bobby “the Hammer”
Kucherak, putting them on his bike. And people wonder about square headtubes… Original FBM gangsta, Fishty Cent, is rumored to be back in New York after a stint in Cali, with our homeboy Linn. While out in Temecula fisher definitely overshot the bajeezus out of jump trying frontflips, and got his G-Unit Hat dirty. No Word on if it is clean now, but we are glad to see him.

Originally Posted by The distinguished and responsible Stephen Crandall

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