shit the boat?

R-unit local known as Bugsy, was surprised to find out that he was given a low profile in the new Dig mag. Stoked. While Bugsy was dreaming of Natty Ice and Cigarettes, Michigan’s very own Dane Wild took a 17 hour busride to Ny to hang out with teh FBM crew. Shredding. Friday was fun at FBM, Curtis unleashed his wrath on a stray cat near the loading dock, and literally snapped its neck. I had no idea Curtis was a cold blooded killer. I guess his animal instincts took over on that one. Aside from that, I assembled my new Deployer, which was painted a nice Transluscent Red, to see how they might look for a Limited run. It was later dubbed “the most Awesome Bike In America”, and the young kids made fun of the Apehanger handlebars. Chickenshits. Andy from American Icon also dropped of a busload of the new softgoods, that you can check out on the products page, the shirts look awesome, and Curtis didn’t snap at him either. Phil Wasson, who onced pinned Gorilla Monsoon in a bar nrawl at a Gorilla Buiscits concert in ’89, has started his own machine shop, called “Super Rat Machine Works”, in Kansas City. Congrats to Phil on that one. Its actually Located in a cave, serious underground style. Expect to see new FBM hardgoods in the upcoming months, that Phil will be helping develop and prototype. Word!

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