More Shit Talkin….

I guess it’s open season on the potshots for the Demo Derby, After taunting the other drivers, in true Muhamed Ali fashion, The FBM car is now the number 2 target, after Allan Cooke, to be taken out. The Clowns at Kink have a couple tricks up thier sleeves, but a live broadcast ain’t gonna keep the car from getting destroyed boys. Matt Lippot at Little Devil signed up for some shit talking, and has already been giving it a go, wrecking his prized atomobile in a testosterone charged Yiungling fit, after the Big shots at Albes claimed the win. If the FBM car does shit the bed, at least FBM’s very own Aaron Ross will be driving the Empire Car. If nothing else though, my money is on Kieth Mulligan from Ride Magazine who has been training by driving off road vehicles through Mexico, and drinking the water to toughen up. Holla.

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