Sayonara 2011

2012 is the year of the Dragon, which means we will not be dragging ass into the new year, we will be roasting Hard!
This past year was wild, with amazingly positive good times, and some not so good… BMX lost a few greats this year, and our very own Mike Tag has spent the better part of this year Battling Cancer. First and foremost, our thoughts go out to everyone for their losses, and shouts to Tag for still fighting the good fight! We love our friends, our BMX family, and the community at large! It’s been an amazing year for seeing everyone rally support when needed!
Amidst the tough times we also shared some great laughs, road trips, events, managed to film a DVD, a couple road trip videos, we made some bikes, made some friends, got some people stoked, and in general had a blast!
We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to participate in this weird and awesome thing called BMX, and we want to thank EVERYONE who is a part of FBM and who supports our efforts!
Whoa Another year, two thousand some odd years is a lot! Cheers to everyone for the good times! Check out the slideshow below!