It starts here

John Lee, Cranked X up on the last day of 2011!

John Lee is a crucial element in what is known as FBM Bike company, From Riding and testing FBM bikes, and parts, to product development, to customer service and beyond, His attitude and proficiency are only matched by his friendly smile, and skill on his bike. A great rider, a great friend, and a badass dude in General!
This year starts with John lee’s example, positivity, enthusiasm, and the love of bikes!
Check out some of the new goods and Give John a ring and get the new year started right, getting awesome with FBM!
Gypsy frames are in stock in Black and Blue, new hats, bars, softgoods, seats and more!
Hit up your Local shop or mailorder, or have them contact QBP or Last Call!

This photo say alot to me about the character of BMX riders, FBM, and John lee himself. It's Awesome!

Love this dude!

Gypsy Fames are available now!