Saying goodbye to a friend…

With Mike lurking in the background, the last photo of Tag, Bones, Gilly and I.

There was no somber burial for our loved one Michael Tagliavento, rather a gathering, where we raised short glasses of Jim Beam, to honor the spirit of a great man.

Generations of outlaws, artists, pioneers, fearless hearts, parents, children, hardworking hard men who shed tears, all influenced by Mike, and traveling from the farthest stretches, the fringes of someone else’s reality, to pay tribute.
The brightest and the best from a world Mike helped create! His Friends…

A vikings funeral, for a man we all love. Instead of some vast sea, and burning ship, we sent Mike to sail with tear soaked smiles, over the hard wood Bar top with cold beers, bourbon, hugs and shared memories….

Jimmy and Judy!

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