Ithaca Ny 14850

The Maniac- Have you seen him!?

Spend a couple days in Ithaca NY with the right people and your life will never be the same. I spent about 20 years there last weekend. It was great!
A bunch of old friends spent a sunny afternoon riding around Ithaca like some time warp from a nostalgic movie. Hill Bombs, weird stares from civilians, hip boosts, hi fives, pizzas, sandwiches, beers and poppa wheelies.

Cherish your friendships, without good ones, life ain’t shit!

Friendship, Brotherhood, Memories!

Kelly Baker- King of the APES!

Alex Capalango/ Allan Capistrana.

Uncle Albert. Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Mike Tags Bike, Mike Tag Style invert- Fishty Pence!

Spencer- gettin it!

Generational and inspirational!

Eric Holladay! JOOOOSE!

Algernon Calderon

STOKED- Alex Capalongo and Jesse Bower!

Neil Hise!

Timmy BAll- Shortstop Sesh!

Shortstop- not a bad way to end a good day of riding with old friends!

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