San Antonio Is the Iron maiden capitol of the worl

We rode San Antonio, where the Locals told us it use to be the Heavy Metal capitol of America. We rode with Ryan, Rodney, Scotty, Brandon Hopkins and more. It was a good time, we rode some street, and some ditches, all in all it was a real fun day. We checked out the Alamo, and some other cool sights around town. Texas shaped waffles are the hit of the day, as is continental breakfast. We are all headed to Bike World today for a shop greet and meet, whatever the hell that means. Mark Mullville quote of the day- “what kind of A-hole backflips out of a wedge…” after Lil Tony H. did a flip out of a ditch. He also tried a 720 and about landed on his head. Any how, more news in a few…

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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