New Autopilot colors…

We got some new Autpilot Frame Colors in this week. Teal and some kind of transluscent gold,called Fools Gold. Call up John Lee for more info, and he’ll get you taken care of. We rode some ditches in San Antonio in the first part of the day yesterday, it was real fun. Cops came and kicked us out, which is normally a real bummer, but the police in San Antonio are so polite and Cordial, it almost makes you feel guilty. Bike World fed us pizza, and gave us gourmet Coffee too, that was awesome, thanks guys. After that, we drove to Katy Texas, and went to Adrenaline Zone, which is on the outskirts of Houston, they let us ride late, and it was super fun. Tony H. did a Huge Fufanu, I shot some pics of Mark Mullville, after one of the locals showed him all the lines, and we had fun. All in all, it was a good thursday. We are headed to Bicycle world In Houston Today, and then Dirtwood tonight, then its off to Austin, for a serious Soup Gang meeting, with Taj, the Dude, and others….

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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