Ryan Corrigan Appreciation Update!

Ryan Corrigan showing a confused GG how to open a beer....

Longtime FBM friend and Fan, Grady Corbitt (former faction subscriber) sent over an email about how awesome he thinks Ryan Corrigan is, and wanted everyone to know- We couldn’t Agree more. –
“In the world of BMX and better yet FBM, there is a guy named Ryan Corrigan.
Hailing from Arkansas and residing in ATX this guy knows a thing or two about
getting busy. He can ride any terrain with the best of em’, can build
ramps better
than you and is always down for a cold beer. If you ever get the
chance say hello-
because he is a true gem. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to spend
some quality time with this dude and it always ends with a smile. This
one is for
you RC, hats off homie! Cheers mang.”
RC has been a part of FBM since Big Dave brought him aboard years ago. Check out Big Dave’s feature on the ESPN site, courtesy of BKFBM< aka Brien Kielb. Cool Shit! [caption align="alignnone" caption="RC shred Style!!!"]RC shred Style!!![/caption] RC, some Boddingtons and the pukee dance.  Big Dave.... As seen on ESPN, (sweet baby pix) Stoked on the stovepipe.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandalls