Mass Production One At A Time

Nightmarket, fresh meat of all sorts.

You could count on a couple fingers what BMX companies on Planet Earth specialize in both small batch hand-crafted high-end frames and mass produced economically priced complete bikes. Everyday we are moving closer to achieving our goal of globally dominating the World’s bicycle market, or, you know, maybe on a smaller scale staying afloat.

These are some photos that will give you a small glimpse into Taiwan bicycle production. It’s a strange sensation wanting to get back to Binghamton, NY. Have a good weekend, keep the rubber side down, and injuries to a minimum.

Two wild and crazy guys. This is our frame supplier King Kong with his dad. His mom, dad and wife all live together at the factory. Getting freighted to head off to paint. Some of the 2010 FBM models have removable brake mounts. King Kong making sure we don't get lost. Frames being dipped in a bath before paint. Into the dryer. These are a weird looking GT frame being sprayed. People still buy GT's?

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