Rick Thorne in the house…

John Lee gets dissedin the new Ride bmx mag, by the biker in black, oh no! John asked Rick in the Pro Qand A if he thought he represented the sport poorly, and he responded by making fun of the Man like he was a 12 year old kid. When you Dis John Lee you dis yourself Rick, you penguin ass looking MFer. If you worka t a shop, and check the Last Call site you’ll notice John has been keeping that updated, so Holla at him. Dans Comp has the new shirts and softgoods on thier site, so peep that, its available anywhere you can buy FBM now as well. I rode with BMX legend Maurice “drob” Meyer while in California, for thos e who dont know, Drob was big back in the 80’s as a Skyway rider, and one of the Curb Dogs with Dave Vanderspek. That was pretty cool, heers a coupel pics of him at Ramp Rats. Now that I am back in Ny, I noticed its not as warm as out west, But the Machine Shop is hot right now cranking out Autopilots for Seventies. Jeff Harrington is also busy in the warehouse, and I am not sure But I think he has a new haircut. Andy Camay of Amercan Icon sent over a pic of his new Capone that he built up. Unlike our last printer, the guys at American Icon dont cook frozen pizzas on the conveyer dryer, and forget about it untill it falls onto a pile of shirts. Good Work guys. More News later. Now Playing-Drunk Horse “National Lust”

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