All kinds of new shit… and the sponsorship winner!

We have a ton of new products rolling in and some pictures of them to show as well. Some are products you have already seen, and some of the softgoods are brand spanking new, so check them out and let us know what you think. Bonus info on the new stuff, Rick Thorne will not be rocking any of it, so you won’t look like a jackass if you decide to get some. Added bonus info, all of these products are manufactured and or printed by Riders, so when you buy these products, you helping support people that are stoked on BMX, People like Big dave, Ken, The Corts Brothers, Phil Wasson, and Andy and Rob at American Icon. Word to that. More Good news, we are finally anouncing the winner of the Sponsor me Contest. We chose Tyler Bergstrom from Washington, for a couple reasons, one because he’s fat ( I am kidding), no seriously, Tyler sent us the Tape that we thought showcased the most Character, good times, and Badass riding. So Congrats to Tyler. Him and his buddies look like they have a good time out there. All the riders that sent shit in were awesome, and we are gonna send everyone some stuff for entering, so shout outs and thanks to all you riders out there, it was cool checking out all the footy from so many places, and seeing how good kids are. Heres a link to Tyler’s part, check it. (Tyler Bergstrom)

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall