Randumb as all get out!

Matty A, and hennystyles!

Evading exclusivity, for only content pertaining FBM bike company, is a specialty on this blog, that and typos, bad grammar, pictures of todd lyons, and countless inside jokes that many people don’t notice, and fewer get. Once in a while we post a video of an FBM rider, that much of the mainstream hasn’t heard of, or photos of our products, many of which are made by hand, and it goes un noticed. Sometimes we share graphic J-peg files of some of the highest quality BMX frames and parts available, all made possible in a DIY fashion, without the help of a marketing agency, a parent company, and often times, even good sense. Why do we continue down this path? No clue, But I will tell you this, when “respectable” industry types email you on a sunday evening, from work, asking “who the fuck is this guy?” about the knucklehead in the sean john outfit, it all makes sense, even for one fleeting moment!

Clint Reynaldo eric henns Yo, download this pool spot on your iphone. Doc Holladial! Shred the gnar Yo, reez, have a drink on me! Which came first the Chicken or the tie dye shirt?

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