Pizza Pentagram

Erik Holladay Roasting the Pizza Pentagram for FBM!

What to Bring- a Helmet, a smile, a good attitude andyour bike!
Make Sure you fill out a waiver ( bring one signed if under 18)

Get stoked, Van Homan is already on his way up…

Saturday September 1st, Starting roughly at 11 am, Meet us at HCS in Vestal NY, for directions click here!

To Ride in the jam, you will need a wristband, and a waiver filled out!

You will also need 15 bucks, which will get you a Jam t-shirt, and a chance to win over Thousands of dollars in Cash and Prizes!

Spectating is FREE! With Event Coverage by ESPN, and more! Kelly Baker will Also be on hand!

No wristband, and Big Job Will Bounce you! FBM Garage sale all day as well, clearence items, cheap, and new goods as well!


12:30 pm -HCS Bunnyhop bro down, cash prize for highest hop on Derek Nelsons bike from Road Fools 13, weighing in at roughly 50 pounds

2pm Communication Breakdown, by TREE bikes, best trick in and on a huge Satellite dish!

3 pm Worlds Highest 5, High five flyout, for $250 Cash Moneys sponsored by Dans Comp

4 pm Best Trick on a Giant slice of Pizza! Cash Prize of $250 dollars, plus FREE PIZZA! Sponsored by QBP

Guest Judging by Van Homan!!!

Dude of the day award by Albion, winning a bottle of Wild turkey!

We will be having events throughout the day, and riding will all be in Jam format, prizes all day long!

6pm FBM Video Premiere and Product toss!of Vagabond Ritual!

Derek and the crew have been hustling getting the place dialed in so come have some good old fashoned BMX fun this weekend!