BMX Pizza Weekend!

Derek Nelson, Winner of Pizza Best Trick!

Saturday was the first ever BMX Post Apocolympics, and Jason Morris sent over a few pics from the good times…
Super huge thanks goes out to all the sponsors, Derek Nelson, John Lee, Erbles, Ryan Swarts, Van Homan, Chris Hancock, and everyone who helped make the weekend possible, including QBP, Dans Comp, Tree Bikes, and all the other sponsors!
Standouts from the weekend include BMXFU Crew ruining all the ramps, Rory Ellis being an absolute ape, Darryl Nau’s Shirt,Paul Horanimal’s van crew, Big Job and Kelly Baker, the New England All Stars and crazy Jack Hartje trying to 360 the satellite dish!
Stay Tuned for videos from the weekend!

Henny Pizza Mower!

Jack HArtje!

Darryl NAu

Will Taubin!

Rory Ellis is a beast.

Lil Pat..