John Dye sent this photo of a tattoo he did on one of his buddies over in the UK, the last time I saw a pigeon with a helmet, smoking a newport, tattooed on someone, was the first time, and that was right now. Holla. John Corts was so freaked out by it, he grew a mustache, was covered in blood, and watched Die Hard 1, 2, and 3. Ray was not harmed in these movies, but we might be in trouble now. Dave King, who tried eating my head, is kooked as well, he was last seen in NYC with a bottle of Old Crow, Ron Metcalf, TreebO, and a 1000 yard stare, if anyone has any information, please contact FBM. I am currently at teh airport in newark, flying to Berlin with Gary Young and Brian Tunney. Should be a doozy… more news in a few…

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