4down/FBM road trip to Berlin Starts….

Ian from 4down sent over a couple of pics of the boys about to embark on a road trip to the Rebel Jam, Mark Tanner will be keeping the boys in line, while Ricky Adam shoots pics for Dig Mag. Sounds like it will be fun. Deane Hearne is so stunned, he left his Newports in Hastings. Gilly was in town for a minute, after building dirt jumps for the last 11 X-games, he decided he needed a break, headed to Ithaca, hung from a tree, fed a squirrel, and hauled ass back to Bethlehem for some Posh sessions with Nutter (worlds biggest APE). John Lee is hustlin’ at Last Call alongside Jeff Harrington, who was handing out Toffutti Cutie Ice Cream sandwiches, and rejoicing in a batch of Heat Treated FBMs that showed up. Look out for the Jump off soon, as well as more info on Diddy’s “So Fresh” party in NYC, where you ain’t allowed in, unless you where all white…..

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall