Of mice and men….

Mikey Corts, Badass...pic by sweet baby

They say Billy was a lunatic Just barking at the Moon, and his mind was totally wasted…. I say Mike Corts is a Lunatic, and Sweet Baby got a Good Pic of him from the summer time. Summer time is better than Summer teeth, thats for sure. Australian Nice guy, Jamie Moore, of Stowaway stopped by FBM over the holidays, Its always good to see Jamie, and he was stoked on the Black Panther poster. A family of feral Black Cats lives in the building attached to FBM, and I was lucky enough to catch them near the mattresses someone dumped here, as well as the abandoned exercise equipment. About as random as anything I guess. Derrick Girard, King of the Randoms, has collaborated with Clint Reynolds of Credence for a travel vessal for an upcoming roadtrip. The Credence guys are adventure travel kingpins. Check out the site for more awesomeness. Defgrip has a sweet video posted from the Give D crew. those guys are champions of fun as well. Be well, It’s thursday, and its post winter solstice, so the days are getting longer again, get stoked!

Jamie Moore.... Feral cat dance party! Derrick amidst a serioius mod.

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