Nick Razzano O.G Capone

Looks like a spray paint can exploded on this bike!

ok so back around the time of roadfools 14 i had a capone. the geometry ruled, but i started getting unpsyched on riding and ended up getting my old terrible one back from my friend. after not riding it for about 3 years, i put the barcode together to try and get psyched again and gave the capone away to my buddy jesse. years later and after abandoning the t-1 because it didn’t feel the same, i finally got a capone off of ebay for about 200 bucks. i gave the money to my girlfriend melissa to pay for it with her credit card, the dude ended up taking the money from her pay pal and never sending the bike! for about 3 weeks i was emailing trying to get the bike, or at least in contact with him, and finally 411’ed the dude’s house in georgia through his paypal info. sketchy as hell. after talking with his mom, i finally got the bike in the mail. as its pictured its almost exactly how i had my other one set up. i still have the frame and probably will put it back together at some point. here’s the breakdown:
fbm capone 20.6
fit blade forks
s&m redneck xlt
animal bob bars
shadow grips
demolition bulemia front hub laced to sun rhyno xlt
primo mix/balance cassette 10t
same profiles that have been on every bike ive had since 2001
primo pro sealed pedals
animal 28t
shadow seat with no padding
primo clamp
odyssey euro bb
animal glh tires


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