New Ghetto Big Air Sponsors…

We scored a few big sponsors for the Ghetto Big air jam, First, Mojo’s, the bar where Tibbs bartends, is kicking in money for the mini ramp rebuild, and a huge Sub Sandwich (like 10 feet ) for the winner a sub box comp, After party will be at Mojo’s as well. Ken Block of Mechanicsville pallets got pumped, and gave us a shitload of wood to build the ramp, and Amp Energy, and DC shoes have decided to kick in on this event…Stoked. Isn’t the guys name from DC Ken Block also?
Any rate, we are holding a contest within the contest, guess how many pallets are stacked up here in the bike lot pic, and John Lee will send you some “gifts” first correct answer wins-
we have a winner-
“I think there are about 210 pallets in the photo.

-Nathan A. Woodruff
Hornell, NY”
There are 4 pallets that you can’t see….
Garret G. of Ginch bros. fame will be at the jam, giving the heavyweights a run for their money, heres a few pics of him getting ready….

Guess how many Pallets and win a goodie bag! Evan V... Stackin em deep! Garret G's Supertherm Exodus Garret G... ape! Ginch Bros! Ken Block of Mechanicsville pallet!

Originally Posted by Tony Clifton