New DVD out now….

“don’t buy this” the new FBM DVD is out now, so if you want a copy of this, call up your local shop, and hound them. It retails for 5 bones, cheaper than a sandwhich or a six pack. Cameron Wood is stoked! Peep Merit Compatibles for a Cam wood wallpaper download. He’ll be showing the new Vid at his local shop 50-50 this weekend. Aaron Ross is in california tonight for the Etnies Video premiere, he’ll be hi fiving stew johnson, if the projector works, cuz his part is awesome. I am heading to NYC in a few with a preview copy of “Grounded” that we’ll be showing tomorrow afternoon at the Bicycle Film Festival. Brian Foster will be available for autographs at the showing, although, I don’t know if he is in thi svideo, but if you saw Fitlife, you’ll want his autograph anyway. Gilly, Elf, and Dave King are out tin Whistler, chillin in hot tubs and living the life. I shot a couple of pics of KB at the trails yesterday as well, riding in soe newly coated runs. Build a jump, have some fun. Now Playing, Jawbreaker- “Chesterfield King”

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