Ryan Corrigan was in Guam this weekend, with Guetler, Jerry Badders, Grotbags and Nasty Dog Nastazio for a Vans Demo this weekend at a navy base. I gues some dudes that are in the Navy Ride as well, and were stoked. Ryan sent a pic of some dude in daisy dukes who was skating too. Guetler did a double flip in the demo. WOW! Tony Hamlin reports back on the team from time to time, Tag sent a picture in saying He’s been hanging out with his grandma, and just riding an stuff lately… If you can’t figure out what pic he sent, you are weirder than he is.We went down friday, to the Big Apple, for the Bicycle Film Festival. and teh Etnies premiere. The weekend was nothing short of stunning. When we got to the city, i was almost immediately hit by an SUV while walking across a crosswalk. It knocked the sht out of me, and the funny part was that it was a promo truck for an IBS group (Irratable Bowel syndrome). When Chunk told the DRiver he was going to drag him out of the truck, he sped off. Luckily i was unscathed. I’ve been hit harder by Kelly Baker as Christmas a present before. Anyrate, it was great times, the BFF had an Art show I had some crap in, and people were stoked on the Etnies video. Aaron Ross had a killer part. At one point we had lunch with Wormz, John Skvarla. crazy Dave Ortiz from Dave’s Quality Meats, and No shit, Frodo Baggins was at the table next to us, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, and from all accounts, trying to grow a beard. Of course Dave was friends with him too, as he is VIP # 1 in NYC. We also got surrounded at 4am in the street in the lower east side, by one of the gangs from the movie “the warriors”. We made it to Brooklyn, to stay with a friend, Justin, who lives in an LP warehouse, and is in a Motorcycle gang. It was awesome. At one point some of us ended up at the art Studio on NYC artist Banks Violette, who does a lot of Metal work, and Salt casts, and all kinds of wild shit with crazy installations, that include fire, and other scary stuff. Sometimes he has a band playing beneath the set as part of the show. Any Rate, he is playing with an FBM frame in his studio, and listening to the Cro Mags. More news in the next post… Now PLaying- The Replacements- “Bastards Of Young”

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