New Comp in the works….

We are currently working out the details for an old school style Dirt Jump Comp, in Lovely Binghamton New York, at the world famous Belmar, in the parking lot and behind the bar. So far, we have already secured confirmation that plenty of weird locals will be on hand, and I am not talking about the guys that work at FBM. Expect a huge set of doubles, some random jumps, and ghetto style obstacles, DJ’s on Hand playing all of your least favorite music, lots of people having fun, and Jimmy Chow saying some of the most outrageous things you have ever heard. The site is merely a couple blocks from Kennedy’s fried chicken, and Dave King will be in charge of dialing the jumps in after he gets done building at the Elevation comp in Whistler. In other News, we will be raffling Forgash’s glasses from the Cover of “don’t Buy this”, the new FBM DVD.
Independent film maker, and friend of FBM, Joe Stakun, recently won a contest to be the director for the next Modest Mouse video. Stoked on that. Joe was responsible for the animated Commercial that was up for the Bicycle Film Festival, featuring Pizza, and Huey Lewis and the news. I was Stunned when I saw that one. Caltron 3000 is sweet. Now Playing- the Minutemen “double nickels on the dime.”

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