Dave King Plays Drums!

Dave King got a gig stunt doubling for the Drummer of Def leppard, after blasting a 1 handed table in Whistler, and getting attcked by a Thylacine, which has been extinct since 1933. Toast Found what was thought to be Dave Kings Paw, in the Woods in Upstate Ny, and took a pic, while also capturing shots of Kelly Baker, Fisher and some of the Dudemanpartyguys. Ride UK has the “pro” Blog Party up and running, and Chris Doyle has grown antlers. You can se ethe pic over there. Mike Tag is also in Upstate NY, while the Shitluck rig is finishing up the United Road trip. More UK news? peep Bicycle Union Dot Com, and read what John Dye has to rant about. Party! Thanks to wes for the Dave King aint shit pic…. Now Playing- Dinosaur Jr.- Green Mind.

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